Sunday, August 30, 2009

Collecting Trees

I collect trees. No, not literally. Trees fascinate me - all kinds of trees. I like them when they are bare, showing their bones during the winter and I like them in all their finery during the spring and summer.

You've seen several photos of the big tree that shades the cemetery in my neighborhood. It's a special tree to me, but there are others equally special.

This one is located in a park in Charleston, South Carolina. Is it a palmetto? I'm not sure, but isn't it magnificent?

Below is a new one to me and is located in Oak Hill Cemetery in Evansville. I suspect wind and ice have sculpted it into its present shape. But isn't it regal? All it needs is an eagle's nest in the top.

Trees are everywhere and collecting them is fun and inexpensive. Just look around. I bet you can find collectible trees too.


Kayla said...

My favorite trees are some that are on the edge of battlefields (Quimby Bridge in Berkeley County0 and on old plantations (Middleburg). I just know Frances Marion sat and planned his next moves under one of the trees at Quimby Bridge!

kayla said...

And yes, the tree at Francis Marion Sq. is a palmetto.....

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

I knew I could count you to tell me the name of the tree and the name of the "park." Thanks, Kayla.