Monday, August 16, 2010

Beyond My Understanding ...

Some things are just beyond my understanding. For example ...

Why does it take twice as long to pack for a trip as it does to unpack from the trip?

The library book you reserved and hoped to read while on vacation isn't available until the day after you leave on your trip.

The picture on the box of that low-fat, low-calorie frozen dinner looks nothing like what is inside the box. And tastes nothing like real food either.

The only missing issue of the newspaper is the one containing the obituary for your ancestor?

The class reunion and street festival you have been looking forward to all year are scheduled on the same day.

You have never used that item and probably never will use it, but it's on sale so you buy it.

The lost TV remote turns up the day after you buy a replacement.

No matter how much we plan otherwise, frustrations seem to be part of life.

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