Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering ...

When the events of 9-11 began to unfold, we all knew something terrible was happening.  When the first airplane struck the Twin Towers, I immediately called my brother and each of us watched on TV as the second plane struck the other tower. We talked about how these attacks on our country would affect us and wondered who was responsible.

But that was not the last  life-changing event we would see that fall.

About a month later, my brother was hospitalized for the removal of a brain tumor. 24 hours later he had suffered a stroke and began to sink into a coma. It was painful to watch the connection to him wither. When it became evident that his condition could not be reversed, we let him go.

So, every year on the anniversary of 9-11, I remember not only what happened in New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania, but also what happened a month later in Kentucky. The two events are intertwined in my mind.  The pain of the two events has dulled with time, but neither will be forgotten.


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