Friday, August 2, 2013

147 Years Ago

One hundred forty-seven years ago Reddick Smith and Mary Ann Wolstenholme married in Goodlettsville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Reddick had served in the Union army during the just-ended Civil War. Apparently, he met Mary Ann while stationed in Tennessee and elected to remain there after the war. Shortly after 1870, however, they moved to Hardin County, Illinois, where Reddick had been reared and where his family lived. They settled into life on a farm and remained there except for a brief time in the state of Washington.

Reddick died 14 April 1913 and Mary Ann died 7 January 1933. Both are buried at Central Cemetery, but Mary Ann has no tombstone.

Reddick Smith
Born 28 Sept. 1842
Died 14 April 1913

View from Central Cemetery
November 2012
Published 2 April 2013, Rambling Thoughts,

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