Sunday, March 8, 2009

Seven Signs of Spring

No matter what the calendar says, I am finished with winter and am looking for signs of spring. The following list is my indicator that spring is near.

  • The chirping of birds when I get the morning newspaper.

  • My cats sitting on the deck with their noses raised to sniff the warm breeze.

  • My internal yearning for fresh strawberries and tomatoes.

  • The “Blop, Blop” of a basketball being dribbled down the street.

  • The vibration and noise of a car radio in the neighborhood teenager’s car.

  • The first tiny buds on the pear tree in the front yard.

  • Seeing the first convertible with its top down.

  • I know it is only early March, but the grass has turned greener the past few days and I can feel the approach of spring. This is my time of renewal and hope after a long, cold winter.


    Anonymous said...

    Eighth sign of Spring: Dark swirling clouds above and grey...the sound of a train and like Dorothy you will be transported to Spencer County, Indiana...but you won't be going by train.

    Tornado John

    Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

    Hmmmm. Your signature reminds me that my youngest was formerly known as Tornado Tim - maybe the subject of a future Rambling Thoughts. Thanks for the reminder, Johnny