Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whatever happened to ...

Life changes constantly – sometimes quickly and sometimes so slowly we do not realize changes are occurring. Thinking about these changes makes me wonder.

Whatever happened to …

Sunday afternoon family car rides? And sometimes followed by an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen?

Sunday family dinners that included the grandparents, parents and all of the children – and all dressed in their best clothes?

Jackets and ties for all males above the age of five on special occasions. How many men even wear jackets and ties to work today?

Doctors who looked mature and not like they were just out of high school?

C.B. Radios? Remember “Come on back, good buddy?”

Black patent leather shoes for little girls? And rubbing Vaseline or a cold biscuit on the shoes to make them shiny?

Ribbons in little girls’ hair? We called them “bow ribbons.”

Polishing shoes? Every home had a shoe shine kit.

Dances that had names and you needed a partner to dance?

Saturdays at the movies and spending no more than $1.00 for an afternoon’s entertainment?

Showing respect by not calling your elders by their first names?

Catching lightning bugs and putting them into an old jar with a lid?

Tying a string on a June bug and watching it fly?

They say change is good, but wouldn’t it be nice to experience all of these things just one more time?


Becky said...

Golly Brenda, I remember ALL of those things - except maybe tying a string to a June Bug - don't think I ever did that...

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Then you must be as old, or nearly as old, as I am! Maybe the string on a June Bug was a southern Illinois-western Kentucky thing!