Sunday, July 26, 2009

Modern Day Hero

People say we don't have heroes anymore, but that isn't true. Just last week we saw on the TV news that a young man rescued a three year old child from a burning SUV on a California freeway. Going in through the sunroof, he unbuckled the dangling child from her car seat and dashed to safety with her in his arms.

What makes this rescue so special is that this young man, John McDonald, is my nephew, who I saw for the first time in over 20 years at the Jerome family reunion in northern Michigan last week. The family is so proud of him and what a pleasure it is to know there are still unselfish persons in this world.

John can be seen in the reunion photograph below. He is the first person in the back row standing next to his proud aunt.


John G. West said...

No doubt that John is a hero! Hey, I am proud just to know his aunt! Way to go John McDonald!

Miriam said...

How wonderful!