Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Waiting For Spring

Looking at the date of the last entry in Rambling Thoughts, I couldn't believe it has been over three weeks. January is a hard month for me - the holidays are over and it is just a bit too early to start checking for signs of spring. This is the time when I start projects that keep the hands busy and the mind occupied.

I have been doing some volunteer work at my local library. It is basically drudge work, but satisfying. It consists of sorting, de-stapling and filing donated genealogical research files. In most cases, the material was the work of someone who is now deceased.

This volunteer work has inspired me to do some organizational work of my own. When I moved to this house, I stuffed many boxes of papers and notebooks into a walk-in closet (actually the size of a good-sized room). With Christmas decorations, a bookcase full of books and photograph albums and out of season clothes, this room is stuffed. Now I want to go through all the boxes and notebooks to see what should be saved and what can be discarded as I also have the data on the computer. My family research files are contained in several filing cabinets in the garage and they will remain there.

So, if I don't post as often here, it's because I am caught up in sorting, filing, discarding and waiting for spring.

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Terry Winchester said...

Interesting article, Brenda.

I'm in the process of "reorganizing" my files, and I don't have nearly as many as you, since I haven't been researching that long. But, just wondering the best method; I'm considering separating all of "my notes" from the actual facts I've collected, such as documents.

Sometimes, I get so much "clue stuff" that fills file folders to the brim, and have a hard time finding "just the facts" documents that are in the same folders.

Well, maybe you could expand on this situation, in a "pros" vs. "cons" in a future post.

How do "you" do it, for example?