Friday, January 1, 2010

Shoe Tree

While driving through the bottoms near Ellis Park on this cold, sunny New Year's Day, we spotted something that made us giggle. At the point where Waterworks Road meets Weinbach, there is a Shoe Tree.

I've seen the Mystery Tree on Edisto Island, South Carolina, but had never seen a Shoe Tree. Don't you wonder who threw the first shoes into the tree? Did they come prepared with an old pair of shoes? How did other people know about the tree? Ah, the stuff of legends. If you want an enlarged view of this tree, click on the photo.

You can see other Shoe Trees here

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Anonymous said...

Shoes hanging can mean a variety of things and can vary regionally. Here are a few meanings: Be careful!

They are the shoes of a friend lost to violence thrown up in a memorial near their place of death.
Signifies that drugs are sold at that location
Marks gang territory
You have bullies in your area and they took another kids shoes for a game of keep away.
Someone got a new pair of tennies and just thought of a way to get rid of the old ones.