Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Herbs and Spring

Several days of temps near 80 degrees with plenty of sunshine have fooled us into thinking Spring is here. Last summer's heat and drought combined with the harsh cold of this winter have taken a toll on my herbs. All of my lavender plants perished, with the exception of one little sprig, as did the rosemary.  One bright afternoon last weekend, I cleaned out the dead plants and gathered up the leaves that had blown over from the neighbor's tree. Bare spots here and there begged to be filled.

Knowing that our lovely warm weather will take a back seat to a second dose of winter starting tonight, I stopped at the garden center and bought two pots of herbs - one of my favorite lavender and the other of rosemary. Surely these herbs will prevent Winter from hanging around very long.  The herbs can't be planted in the ground or placed in pots outside yet, but just seeing them sitting on the kitchen counter lightens my mood and reminds me that Winter doesn't stay forever.


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