Sunday, May 22, 2011

R.I.P. Dear Aunt

Herman R. Croft Sr. and his children, James H., Dennis, Oakley,
Melva, Lavern and Herman R. Jr. Croft

They are all gone now. The last of the children of Herman and Nettie (Vaughn) Croft has passed away. Aunt Melva, age 90, was buried today next to her first husband, Buck, in the cemetery near her home. Her health had been failing, but whenever asked how she was, she always answered, "Fairly well. I can't complain." And she didn't complain. 

When asked, Aunt Melva told stories of growing up in her family - the hard work and how strict her mother was. What she never knew was that many of the stories she told me had been related to me by my mother years ago. The events in the stories were the same, but the main characters were different. In Mother's stories, she was at the center of the action, but in Aunt Melva's stories, she was the lead character.

I will miss Aunt Melva. We talked on the phone weekly and I will miss those visits, but the memories will remain. One of my memories involves the The Mustard Jar

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by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG

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