Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Powerful Words

Words are powerful. They carry a punch that can make a point or tell a story, but they can also sting and hurt, even when unintended.

We have all said things we later regret and sometimes an apology is not sufficient to alleviate the angst our words cause. What may begin as a fun conversation can quickly deteriorate with a few ill-chosen words. In cases such as this, what do you do? Move on and forget the friendship? Apologize, knowing it isn’t enough, but hope for the best? Mark it up as a lesson learned?

I’ve been playing with words all my life and I still get into trouble for not expressing myself the way I want. What is intended to be witty or funny, ends up sounding disrespectful or arrogant.

"I'm sorry" doesn't seem to be enough. If only words came with an eraser that could eliminate those that hurt even after they have been spoken or written.

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