Monday, May 4, 2009

What a Trip!

Sometimes life is just too funny to be believed. Last week I flew to Charleston, South Carolina to visit my favorite daughter and her family. Flying has changed a lot since 9-11. I know the new rules and regulations are to keep us safe, but sometimes I just wonder ...

Before going through the scanner at the airport, you place all of your carry on items in tubs, including your shoes, and then show your photo I.D. to some kind of airport employee. Fine, no problem. Then you walk 2 feet and show the same I.D. to another employee. I could not resist asking him if it was possible to switch identities in that short distance. Poor young man, he stuttered, rolled his eyes and said, "Aw, just forget it. Go on." It isn't often you can stump a man in a uniform!

Coming home was another story. I created a little excitement for the other passengers. You know that you can take liquids of 3 ounces or less in carry-on bags. I learned that does not include two bottles of your favorite Sticky Fingers barbecue sauce carefully tucked in the side of your luggage. Speaking gently and in that soft southern manner, a nice young man let me know I was in trouble. I could give up the sauce or check the bag, which carries a $15 price tag. Furthermore, he would have to escort me away from the scanner and the other passengers and watch while I walked back to the ticket counter. Well, I would just have to pay the fee 'cause no way was he getting my barbecue sauce and for free, no less! No siree, Bob! Sometimes you just do what you have to do.

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