Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Last Meal

For the first time in nine years, the state of Kentucky executed a man by lethal injection last night. If you believe in legal execution, he got what he deserved. Never again will he kill two children, attempt to kill another and rape their mother. He professed sorrow at what he had done and resisted attempts for appeals so it appears he was ready to die.

I have mixed feelings about death by execution. Even when a horrific crime has been committed, I'm not sure that the taking of one life can make up for the taking of another. However, there is one aspect of executions that leaves me speechless ... well, almost.

What is this business of providing the condemned man his meal of choice right before he is going to meet his Maker? According to this morning's newspaper, the soon-to-die man had rare steak, butterfly shrimp, salad, tea and banana cream pie. What?? This man is going to leave this world in a flash and on his way out he is given a meal fit for a king? Do his jailors think he will have an easier ride to the hereafter on a full stomach? Some things I just don't understand.

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