Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Take on Commercials

I know television commericials are supposed to convince you that you can not live without their products. Isn't it funny, though, how some commercials have just the opposite effect?

One commercial that turns me off is the one for Geico Insurance. Any company that has a talking, slimy green lizard as a spokesperson won't get my business. No, sir!

The other commercials that make me want to upchuck are the ones featuring Billy Mayes. What an annoying piece of work he is and what junk he is peddling! I'd like to slap Billy Mayes silly and he can stick that junk you-know-where.

What commercial would be most likely to get my business? How about one advertising digital cameras featuring a good looking fella leaning sightly toward a tombstone as he photographs the inscription. After he clicks, he would look toward the camera and say one word very softly - "Buy." Now, that would get my attention and would make me run out to buy that camera. Or how about an SUV that has special see-in-the-past headlights that can pick out family cemeteries and old roads? That ought to revive the auto industry!

Did I mention that I am a genealogist?

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Tri-State Genealogical Society said...

Brenda, my wife and I have wondered many times about this Billy Mays (Mays spelled without an "e" which is the way my Breckinridge Co., KY Mays spell their name, hopefully, no relation to Billy!). Google him and there are lots of hits about him and Oxiclean. Billy may just be the TV Ad man that you love to hate.

We like the Geico Insurance Ads with the talking, cute green lizard. Of course, for me, I rarely remember what is being pitched no matter how good the commercial. I get a kick out of the medical/medicine commercials with the legal disclaimers concerning side affects that often seem more severe than the original problem. They list pratically everything when they list conditions that users should not take the medicine... I am expecting "or if you are breathing" to be one of them. One day soon, they will be pitching birth control for women with possible side effects of pregnancy, etc.