Sunday, December 21, 2008

What Gift Would You Choose?

If you had the ability to give a gift to the people of the world, what would it be? Don't count peace - that's a given. We have to have a process to achieve world peace. Would your gift include an element of that process? Think about it. Now, what would your gift be?

My first thought was that each of us be able to experience pure joy in living. My next thought was the ability to think before speaking - to pause and reflect on how our words will affect others before they are spoken. Perhaps if we hestitated before speaking there would be fewer disagreements and, therefore, a happier world.

It is difficult to know which I would choose. How about you?

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Tri-State Genealogical Society said...

Brenda, I think I would give to everyone the ability to "stop & smell the roses!" I know that it may sound simple & silly, but all of us need to realize that life is more than most of the things that keep us so busy that "real life" is passing us by. Last night was an example of how the sunset was worth gazing at for whatever time you could give it. I remember thinking that I wish I had a camera. A friend caught this beautiful gift from God on camera and has shared it with my genealogical society (TSGS). I have posted it on the "TSGS Cruiser" blog: Take a moment today on Christmas to "stop & smell the roses" by gazing at God's Christmas Eve gift to all... another one of His awesome sunset paintings!