Monday, December 15, 2008

Window on the World

Every house I have ever lived in has had a special window through which I can watch the world. Each has been my “Window on the World” and has been part of what I do best - sitting, dreaming and planning. If care isn’t taken, though, I would sit there for hours, thinking about what has already happened and planning what will happen in the future.

The house I live in now has a great Window on the World. The view through the French doors of my dining room looks out over the deck and toward a large, ancient oak tree, which stands guard over an old cemetery just past my house. How lucky can a genealogist be - a cemetery right in the neighborhood! This one is extra special as it has markers for Civil War veterans and some of the early families of this area. It is well maintained and there is a marker listing all known burials. If you squint with one eye and close the other, you can see a tombstone peeping over the grass in the photograph above. Better yet, just click on the photograph for a closer view.

This old tree stands tall and proud during the winter when its bare branches wave with the winter winds. In spring and summer it is dressed in its finery of green and the upper branches sway with gentle breezes. Its appearance may vary from season to season, but it is a constant in my life and grabs my attention each time I look outside.

Having a window on the world is a good thing. I bet you have one in your house too.

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