Monday, February 2, 2009

Five by Five

TwigTalk chose to give me a blog award last week. Because of all the snow and ice we have had, I neglected to acknowledge the award. The compliment is appreciated. Thank you, Sheri.

In accepting this award, I am to list five things I am addicted to. Guess what is Number 1? Yep!

1. Genealogy. My pride, my passion, my profession.

2. Sweet tea. Enjoyed winter or summer; it can't be beat.

3. Road trips. I love visiting courthouses, especially in Kentucky.

4. Facebook. Chatting with friends and relatives, some I have never met face to face.

5. Computers. Could not live without them.

I am supposed to list five blogs I enjoy. This is a difficult task and certainly does not represent all of the ones I enjoy.

1. Genealogy, Middle Age & Life

2. Taneya's Genealogy Blog

3. Genea-Musings

4. Building Blocks

5. Old Salem, Kentucky


Randy Seaver said...

Thank you, Brenda!

Do I have to post about this too? It seems only fair, I guess! Tomorrow!

Cheers -- Randy

LSW said...

Brenda, thanks so much for including my humble blog in your list. I really appreciate the honor.

I must say I am always a little amazed when I discover someone outside my indulgent family is stopping by for visits. I think I will adopt you!


Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Randy, yes, please do post this.

Cindy, I am already a Hodge by adoption so I guess that makes us cousins!