Friday, February 6, 2009

I Swanee!

People up north think folks in this area talk funny. They don’t have a clue what we are talking about. To my way of thinking, they have some learning to do.

They don’t know what we mean when we say we are “fixing” to go to town. Why, any fool should know it means we are getting ready and will go “dereckly.” What’s so hard to understand about that?

If I said “It’s coming up a cloud,” do you think they would know that means it’s time to shut the winders and bring in the cushions from the rocking chears on the front porch? Not on your life! They’d probably stand there with their necks all crinked up looking at the sky until rain hits them full in the face.

And if I told them that the young couple down the street “ate supper before saying grace,” do you think they would know it means the unmarried young woman is going to have a baby? No siree!

And they sure as shooting wouldn’t know what my old Grandma meant when she said her next door neighbor wore her blouse “hind part before” yesterday. Why, everybody knows that means she had it on backwards.

I bet if I told them to “Come on back” as they were getting their coats on to go home, they would think I meant to come back right now. Now, you and I know that means to "come on back and see us sometime." Didn’t their mamas teach them good manners?

I swanee! There’s no accounting for some people. They just don’t understand polite English.


Granny Carole said...

Brenda, I understood all these "polite English comments" immediately!
But see if you've ever heard this one:
We had some friends who, as they were leaving our house after a visit, never failed to say, "You all better come on home with us!"
It never failed to amuse us because we always wondered what they would do if we said, "Okay!" and hopped in their car with them. Has anyone else ever heard this expression?

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Carole, my mother used to say that and the "polite" reply was "Can't, but maybe next time."

JoLyn said...

Brenda, this is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!