Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Play Like ..."

I have another cousin besides the one who helped me torment our grandmother. This one was on the other side of the family. As almost all of Mother's kinfolks lived in western Kentucky, we spent a fair amount of time there when I was growing up and there was a cousin near my age who had a name that rhymed with my own.

Having vivid imaginations, my Kentucky cousin and I created many scenarios in her side yard. We used chopped wood to outline a square and called it our house or our school. We would point to a corner to indicate where the chair was or the bed or the school desk. We didn't need actual props; our imagination supplied them.

We didn't use words as grand as "Let's pretend" or "Make believe" It was always "Play like ..." "Play like this is our house and you're the mother and I'm the daughter." Or "Play like this is our classroom and I'm the teacher and you're the student." That's all we needed - a few words and our minds were off and running - creating entire scenes we pulled from our memories or imagination.

I haven't heard the words "Play like ..." for a long time, but today I am saying them out loud. "Play like the snow and ice are all gone and everyone has had their electricity restored. Play like it's spring and the flowers are starting to bloom." See what your imagination can do!


John Earl Spencer said...

I bet you were a bossy school marm and head of the household. God, I have taken the best trips and had the best times with my imagination. So what would you like to 'play like' next?


John Gregory West said...

John Earl Spencer, your link to the quotations is something I need to bookmark. Albert Einstein proves his genius when he said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge..." But, my favorite is "Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality." - Jules de Gaultier.

I still "play like..." that is how I make things happen in my life. I first imagine what can be done and dream about it until a plan begins to develop and then I just follow the plan until it becomes reality. It works for me. I do get frustrated sometimes when other people do not follow the script of the dream. Brenda, does this sound familiar?

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Yes, John G., it does sound familiar, but I think a dash of reality in expectations has to be added too. Sometimes we all have to compromise to make things happen.