Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Would If I Could ...

I would if I could ... eliminate rain on Mondays. There is nothing drearier than a rainy Monday.

I would if I could ... make it mandatory for parents to teach - and require - their children to say the magic words, “please,” “thank you” and “I’m sorry.” Think what a kinder world it would be if we all spoke those words regularly.

I would if I could ... require all adult children to call their mamas every day - well, maybe not every day ‘cause their mamas might not want to interrupt their yoga class or meditation experience just to hear junior tell how much he hates his job. Erase this one.

I would if I could ... do away with greens. Who wants to eat things dogs have walked on and who knows what else they have done on those green leaves. Even a good bath in hot water isn’t going to eliminate those mental pictures of Fido on his walk.

I would if I could ... insist that every home have flowers planted around it. Got a black thumb? Get some of those always-perfect bunches of pretties from the Dollar Store and stick them in the ground. That’s what my neighbor does - can’t beat red poinsettias still blooming on the 4th of July!

I would if I could ... arrange the school schedule of every male student to include a cooking class and every female student to have a car repair class. Knowing the simple basics will make us all appreciate what we can’t do.

I would if I could ... arrange it so every person on this earth has one day when they feel free enough to laugh and dance to their heart’s content without being weighed down with worries. Just one day.

I could if I would ... be happier by not dwelling on the hurtful things that happen and remember the good deeds done every day.

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