Saturday, January 24, 2009

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy

Ok, this is a test. Can you name five things that drive you crazy?

After much ruminating, writing, crossing out and writing again, these are the top five on my list.

1. Drama Queens. I’m too old and too set in my ways to listen to the antics of a Drama Queen. Once upon a time we had a Drama Queen in our family (her name has since been deleted from the family Bible) who had the knack of turning the focus of every conversation to her likes, her dislikes, her job, her family ... her, her, her. Believe me, that gets pretty old after about 5 minutes. Take it elsewhere, sister.

2. The Sense of Entitlement. Believing that you should have a certain position, job or office since because of who you are or the social position of your family is so boring. Case in point: Caroline Kennedy seems like a very nice, likable woman who comes from a nice, likable political family. However, what are her qualifications for becoming a U.S. Senator from New York? Sorry, Caroline. It takes more to represent the public than service on boards of organizations and growing up listening to political discussions.

3. Big Hair. Ok, the ‘80s are over and done with. No more hair “jacked up to Jesus,” as my friendly hairdresser Neil would say. Lose the teasing comb and hair spray. No more blocking the view of moviegoers. Big hair is out ... well, maybe not in Texas, so I am told. While you are losing the big hair, throw out those pointed toe, 5 inch heels that often accompany the big hair. Passe, my dear. Natural is in.

4. Country Home Decor. Many folks like country and find it cozy. Sorry, but it is stifling to me. Too many ducks, bears, throw pillows, wallpaper and borders. Gone the way of the big hair and good riddance!

5. Lists. Don’t you just hate it when people make lists of their likes and dislikes; the most this and the most that; the things that drive them crazy? Who cares what they like or don’t like? Don’t they have enough to do without boring us with their lists?

How about you? What five things come closest to driving you crazy? I won’t tell anyone you are wasting time. Come on, make your list.


Becky Jamison said...

I LOVE your list. Thanks for the fun I had reading it!

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Thanks, Becky. Come on back and join us again.

John Earl Spencer said...

The five things that drive me crazy!

1. The person who has never learned the key to silence. Talking non-stop is like a guy friend that gets ahold of the remote control and leaves my world in a buzz of visions.

2. The individual at the doctor's office that wants to show many how many pills they take and name each illness. Give me a break, I am sick, too, or I wouldn't be there.

3. Those long, weirdly painted, acrylic fingernails. Yeah, I'm a guy, and I don't have to wear them, but I believe talons should be left to the birds.

4. Individuals that encourage me to make a list about likes and dislikes...them slam me in their blog. Brenda?????????????

5. The darn e-mails that tell me how to be the wonderful Christian the sender is...and if I don't forward their message...I will go straight to Hell. Should I delay past 10 minutes in the forwarding...then it is simply a vacation to Purgatory.

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Geez, John. Your 5 Things are better than mine! Tell me, which on my list is slamming you - the one on Big Hair or the one on Country Decor .... oops, it must be the one on Caroline Kennedy. Sorry, old buddy. I tell it the way I see it.