Thursday, January 15, 2009

Family of Herman R. Croft Sr.

My mother’s oldest brother died this morning in Salem, Livingston County, Kentucky at the age of 91 years. Only one of that family of six children is left. With the passing of each family member, the ties, but not the memories, to my childhood grower dimmer. I fear my cousins and I will soon be the older generation in this family. This is not a position I wish to have. In memory of my mother and uncles who have passed away and to honor the aunt who remains, I am posting this picture, taken probably in Salem in the 1960s.

Pictured above:
Sitting: Lavern (my mother), Herman R. Croft Sr. (my grandfather) and Melva.
Standing: Dennis, Herman R. Jr., James H. and Oakley. The lone survivor of this family is Aunt Melva.


bhearell said...

How very nice. I often think of Mr. Herman, Oakley and Junior. Now I will remeber the only person except Dennie who called me "Sedum". Yes we are begining to be the older generation.

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Thanks, Beverly. Sometimes I think we forget that it is not just the deceased's family that grieves. I appreciate your comments.